Ionic Magnesium Calcium 480 ml / 16 oz liquid


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The Potency of MagCal-Ionic

Several unique and special processing procedures
are used in manufacturing MagCal-Ionic which
makes it a very powerful calcium and magnesium

MagCal-Ionic is a blend of calcium gluconate and
magnesium acetate and a residue of acetic acid
from apple cider vinegar. The magnesium acetate
used in MagCal-Ionic is some 2000 times greater
in solubility than magnesium carbonate and many
other forms of magnesium supplement products.
This means the ability of the body to absorb
MagCal-Ionic is exponentially greater than with
most competing products.

For what, and how is Calcium used?

Most of the calcium in the body is bone. But
providing skeletal material is far from calcium's
only role in the body. Calcium serves in nerve
transmission, muscular contraction, and blood
clotting. Your bones actually serve as a reservoir
of calcium - calcium is added or subtracted as
needed by the body (as determined by the
concentration of calcium in the blood - below
10mg/100ml calcium is mobilized into the blood,
above approx. 11mg/100ml, the bones absorb the
excess calcium). It is easy to see why dietary
calcium is important in maintaining proper bone

Women especially cannot afford to be without
adequate amounts of calcium in their diets!
The common female complaints of PMS and
symptoms of menopause may be relieved by
simple supplementation with the mineral,
calcium. The evidence is circumstantial, but
mounting fast, that PMS and menopausal
complaints are early signs of osteoporosis!

You will SEE RESULTS if you give MagCal-Ionic
a chance.

- Body tensions relaxed
- Cramps reduced or eliminated.
- Restless legs syndrome reduced or eliminated.
- More restful sleep patterns.

Directions for use:  2 tablespoons (30 ml) per day
may keep the Doctor away (just like an apple a
day).   Each dose should be kept in mouth for
at least 10 seconds, gently swish and then swallow.