Prominox® 4 Hair Loss Vitamins

 Prominox® 4 Hair Loss Vitamins

These vitamins help amino acids and with the production of cells

Increases Nutrition
Balances Scalp pH
Faster Cellular Development
Size 60 Tablet Bottles - $24.90

Prominox® 4 Vitamins with Vitamin B3, Camellia Sinensis, Ginko Biloba & Thiamine help prevent hair loss while supplying the follicles with nutrients. Cobalamin (B12), Zinc & Riboflavin give you scalp the healthiest environment to grow new hair.

  • Vitamin B6 - Helps Quicken Many Reactions by Amino Acids
  • Vitamin B9 - Synthesizes New Cellular Development
  • Vitamin A - Provides Retinol & Beta-Carotenes

Poor hair nutrition can make hair fall faster and more severe. This makes it harder for the follicles to grow new hair and makes the hair growth phase (anagen) shorter. Vitamin C helps naturally balance the scalps pH levels. 

  • Vitamin E -  Is a powerful anti-oxidant to protect the scalp from free radicals
  • Cysteine - Helps speed up enzymatic reactions which strengthens the protein development
  • Silica - Binds nucleic acids for faster cell production

Grape Seed Extract adds a powerful antioxidant to strengthen the scalp. PABA helps make the scalp less sensitive to UV rays. Calcium helps build stronger hair shafts. Copper helps transport oxygen to the blood stream to stimulate growth.

These vitamins for to slow hair lose, reverse baldness and stop hair fall. Vitamin B5 helps the body metabolize proteins for faster cellular development. Choline helps in lipid metabolism. Inositol helps in cellular membrane maintenance for stronger, healthier cellular development.

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