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Vigamaxx 20 capsules
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Vigamaxx 20 capsules x 500mg | Men's Sexual Health

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Genuine & Authentic Product

If You're above 40's & "How I Solved My Sexual & Prostate Problems Without Flomax, Viagra Or Any Other Drugs Within 14 Days!"

" BREAKTHROUGH : NEW Medical Discovery Reveals Rare Secret Ingredients Not Found In Any Other Prostate Pills As The Missing Link That Would Turbocharge your Libido Into Overdrive, with a Solution to Erectile Dysfunction & Improve Your Prostate Health Within Days...Guaranteed!”

“Feel YOUNG, HEALTHY, VIBRANT & CONFIDENT All Day, Everyday....Again!”

Revitalize Your Prostate Health & Say Goodbye to:

*Frequent Urination, Residual Urination or Intermittent Urine Flow

*Painful, stinging urination, Slow Urination & Urination Difficulty

*Prostate inflammation & Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

*Dribbling & Thin Urine Flow

*Low Sexual Stamina, Premature Ejaculation or Soft Erection

*Blood in Urine & Semen

*Interrupted Sleep At Night, Low Energy Level & Tired

*Lower Back or Groin Pain & Weak Knee

*Constant Full Feeling in Bladder

No Prescription Needed. Work Just Like Magic
Completely New Formulation - Contain No Saw Palmetto, Selenium, Stinging Nettle Root, Pumpkin Seeds & other Ingredients Found In Most Prostate Pills Available In The Market

Are you annoyed by frequent urination, the embarrassing "after drop", frequent interrupted sleep, low sexual drive, low energy level & lower back pain that seem doesn't go away?.

If you do, don't worry, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!. I know how you feel. Having problems like these can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and loss of confidence and will ultimately affect the quality of your life.



What Doctors & Big Pharmaceutical Companies Don't Want You To Know About Side Effects Of Prostate Drugs!
WARNING: If you're having one or more of the above symptoms, you may be suffering from Chronic Prostate Problems which has affected up to 30 million American. If nothing is done to restore your prostate health, then be prepared to Wear Diapers & Never Have Sex Again!!!

P.P.S. One more thing – it's important. Because A.N.T & Vigamaxx™ has undergone many years of professional studies, product development and testing, boosting patented technology for the extraction of herbal essences and so expensive to make, we do not keep a large supply of it on hand – it's just too darned expensive for us to do that. Instead, we have a close relationship with the lab to make sure we're well-stocked to handle expected orders. But even so, sometimes we get so swamped with unexpected orders (some men order 10 units at a time, for themselves and all their friends!) that we fall behind a little bit. So I urge you to order NOW and avoid any wait you might have if we're forced to run a new batch to fill orders.


Suggested Use
Take one capsule a day for first 6 days, then one capsule every 3 days. To be taken afteer meals.
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